BFOIT - Introduction to Computer Programming

Appendix A (Jargon)

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Things in the Java language which hold data, or hold pointers to objects are called fields.  Think of fields as variables.  Fields are containers for things of a specific type.  Only things that are qualified to be of this specific type are allowed to go into the container.

There are four parts to a field declaration:

modifiers type fieldSpecifications ;

  1. modifiers are keywords like public, private, final, and static.
  2. type is a keyword for a Java primitive type, a primitive type suffixed with "[]" or a class identifier.
  3. fieldSpecifications is a list of comma separated field identifiers with optional initializers that looks like an assignment statements with the new field identifier as the LeftHandSide.
  4. punctuation - a semicolon to terminate the declaration.

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