BFOIT - Introduction to Computer Programming

Google Chrome Browser Gotcha

As of version 42 of Google Chrome (released mid-April 2015), Java applets no longer will run.  For the short term, until Chrome version 45 is released in September, you can temporarily re-enable the support by changing the value of the #enable-npapi flag.  To do this, enter:


in Chrome's address bar.  This will direct you to Chrome's experimental features page and you will see an entry as shown if the following figure.

Click on the Enable link.  You will be instructed to restart Chrome as shown in the following figure.

This will allow you to continue to access Java applets in Chrome until late 2015.

Alternative Work-around

An alternative solution is to switch to a different browser when accessing the BFOIT ItP web pages.  I've successfully tested support for Java applets under Internet Explorer (version 11) and Firefox (version 37).  Although I read that Safari would continue to support Java applets, I just updated it on my Mac notebook and it will not run applets.  So... go with Firefox... I like open source software - since anyone can look at its source code, it's very unlikely that it will have malware or do anything nasty.

Permanent Work-around

Embedding the TG programming environment in the lessons provided convenient access to it.  Another way to access it is to run TG as an application, in its own window in parallel with your browser.  Appendix H (Installation of TG) describes how you can do this.

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