BFOIT - Introduction to Computer Programming

Binary Byte Applet

Binary Byte Simulator
Unsigned Number       Signed Number       ASCII Character

Test your understanding of binary numbers (the 8-bit byte sized) and how they represent decimal numbers (signed and unsigned) and ASCII characters.

  1. Choose the type of value you want to see generated by clicking the mouse on one of the buttons to the left of the type names.

  2. Click on the switches to construct a byte value. Closed switches are ones and open switches are zeros.

  3. After you tell yourself what the value should be, click on the equals sign to get the program to do the conversion and verify your answer.

  4. Explore... assuming the switches are ordered left-to-right, zero to seven, which single bit/switch's value differentiates upper and lower case characters?

  5. Explore... which switch or switches can you turn on/off to convert between decimal digits and their ASCII representations?