332 Forest Street, Rockridge, CA

I loved the house I owned, lived in from January 1, 2000 to June, 2009. It was in the SF Bay Area of California, around the corner from Rockridge Market Hall and the Rockridge BART station. Luckily I got to spend a lot of time in it, purchasing it at the very end of 1999. And when the tech-bubble broke in the fall of 2000, I took a package from Sun Microsystems and retired.

The house was completely rebuilt by Wilson Associates, resulting in a new, early-1900s Craftsman Bungalow. As I remember, Wilson Associates purchased four houses on Forest Street which bordered their Market Hall property. They had plans to bulldoze and expand. This did not go well with the locals (NIMBY). I heard that a deal was reached where the four houses would be restored to like-new condition, but with no back yards. The restoration was meticulous. I should create a webpage with pics of it.